Global Innovation Review

Global Innovation Review

2thinknow report readers see the future first.

Each city and each business are impacted by key trends.  2thinknow Trend Analysis section of the Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report provides  a summary of key long to mid-term trends, globally and broken by region and key countries. Contained within the report are:

  • 3 Key City Challenges Model
  • 21 Key Global Trends
  • Regional Trend Analysis for 4 global regions
  • National Trend Analysis Key Points for top countries

The annual review of innovation.

This is all part of the Global Innovation Review section, the established annual review of innovation since 2006.

This report section summarize only the key forces, so you can take away what you need.

Inside: Trend Predictions

In your report, we give you useful key trends, and explain how that impacts your markets, countries and regions. Also, these trends are also used to produce the final classification and ranking of top cities in your famous annual Innovation Cities™ Index.

Each Innovation Cities Analysis™ Report edition since 2007 has contained this updated trend analysis. 2thinknow predicted past events including: the GFC in 2007-2009, current U.S. recession/depression event, decline of specific cities, and the relative 3 year strength of Germany.

Your report gives you foresight about innovation, based on a truly global innovation review of long-term trends.

Full Support for Trend Analysis

Only 2thinknow provide innovation services, and custom reports for trend analysis on a location basis. This assists cities, business and government in planning, and co-operating for innovation. Our trend analysis has been developed since 2006, and thus gives you the stable platform you need for future planning, around structured approach to trends.

For more detailed trend analysis answers, purchase an Innovation Services package -- includes all report updates, plus email analyst support to your questions regarding trends, from $100/per month.  See your service packages here (separate site).

Or alternately commission Innovation Analysis Reports for any city, location or key market.