Report readable on your Apple iPad in PDF format

Well everyone’s excited by the innovation potential of the Apple iPad, with so many books in such a lightweight device.

Many of you, being early adopters, may already have iPads.

Your license is all text formats.

When you buy the Innovation Cities Analysis Report Standard Edition you get a license for your own use on all text formats and platforms. (within the terms of the license).

We at 2thinknow, think the report should be available in your preferred format no matter what format you choose.

iPad PDFs: Here’s how.

The iPad can read PDFs, so simply save the emailed PDF we send you on your iPad. Open your email. That’s it.

So yes if you order the report, you can read it on your Apple iPad in its  PDF format.

If there’s enough demand we may even release an iPad app. We’re looking into it.

Got feedback? Let us know. Twitter or contact us.

Keep innovating,

2thinknow Team