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Understand urban innovation economies, with new 2011 Index edition.

With the launch of the Innovation Cities™ Index 2011, 2thinknow have released a new Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report 2011 October edition. This ships end of November (updated date), and is now available for order.

This report explains the Index, and contains the latest analysis on the 2 to 5 year trends driving the global economy, and cities worldwide.

2012 Economic Analysis for Cities & Regions

The new report edition from 2thinknow analysts will help readers better understand the positive innovation trends, and give our readers the foresight to guide their cities and businesses away from the economic and environmental rocks in 2012-2016.

This new Index 2011 edition contains updated trend analysis from our analysts for the impacts of latest news in Europe, as well as more analysis and recommendations for North America, Asia, the Mid-East and other regions.

The emerging positive city opportunities of the U.S. / Canada economy, Asian growth and European city opportunities (in amidst economic uncertainty) as at October 2011 will be included in the analysis.

Analysis & Predictions

Analysis in past reports since 2007 have predicted the economic slow down, diminishing returns from service economy, issues with the banking sector, re-rise of local manufacturing, relative strength of German and French cities, U.S. cities economic troubles and many more current and just started trends.

The October 2007 report predicted recession and when coupled with other 2thinknow writings, the “September 2008 shock event”.

The report is a contrarian innovation analysis (because so many got so much so wrong) and the 2011 edition contains exciting new comment on all major global regions for the 2011 to 2018 period. Our readers can expect new insights, that model the world on a city and networked economy (not purely national) basis.

Framework for Innovation Economies

The Innovation Cities™ Framework is also outlined in the report containing the current 2009-2011 162 indicator framework.

This is the basis for creating and measuring cosmopolitan urban innovation economies, and balancing the portfolio of segments that cities will need to achieve in the current economic conditions.

The Innovation Cities™ Framework can be used to compare and measure cities potential for innovation, with business, trade and government — as pre-conditions of innovation on a by-sector basis. The data for this can be purchased from 2thinknow City Benchmarking Data, or training can be given as part of the Innovation Course™.

For single cities we also offer an Innovation Cities™ Program subscription including the report, data for a single city and more.

More about this City Report

Report customers include R&D firms, city governments, state government, venture capitalists, libraries, university libraries, trade boards, associations, economists, Ministers offices, media agencies, policy advisers, PhDs, Professors, urban planners, and others.

The Innovation Cities™ Index 2011 launches first week of October, on the Innovation Cities™ Program website.

How to order the Analysis

To order use the online order form here, download the PDF Order form, or use the PayPal link.

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