Innovation Cities™ Index Methodology

Index Method

Methodology of the Innovation Cities™ Index, from 2thinknow.

The Innovation Cities™ Index is the world's leading classification and ranking of cities for innovation. It has been published by 2thinknow every year since 2007, including the current methodology (with minor changes) since 2009.

The Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report contains an explanation of the current Index methodology, and sections including:

  • City Selection Process for Index inclusion
  • Explanation of 162 Indicators for raw city data
  • Explanation of 31 segments (used for comparing cities)
  • Which trends influence score annual weightings

Also summarized are the original 2thinknow innovation models, and a further reading list on trends, innovation, cities, and individual city indicators and segments.

Support with Index Data

Only 2thinknow analysts offer you the certainty of ordering full data on any city or cities. Drill down into segments or indicators.

The 3 factor scores for each city are contained within the Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report (more information).

Detailed city indicator data for each city is available for purchase from City Benchmarking Data site:

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