Innovation Cities Analysis Report 2011 October-November Update

Understand how to measure and build urban innovation economies, with new 2011 Index update.

After the launch of the Innovation Cities™ Index 2011, 2thinknow begain shipping the Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report 2011 October / November update.

This report update is available to order from 2thinknow here, in 2 editions.

All customers who order this current report until November 2012, will receive the new 2012 update free! See details here.

What this updated report contains:

These are the major sections of this report:

  • Innovation Actions — Analyst recommendations for innovation in 4 global regions (North & South America, Europe, Asia / Oceania & Emerging)
  • Global Innovation Review— State of innovation around the world, and current innovation trends. Broken down into:
    • 3 City Challenges: Explanation of challenges of each city location
    • 21 Global Trends: Key updated global trend predictions for 2013-2016.
    • The Global Story: Narrative of how global innovation is unfolding and specific implications for economies/markets.
    • 4 Region Analysis: Analysis of trend predictions for innovation in countries in all 4 regions: North & South America, Europe, Asia / Oceania & Emerging.
      Note: Past years warnings that have come true include: have included the GFC, collapse of finance, recession/depression, strength of Germany
  • Innovation Cities Framework [ICF]— Explanation of our framework for structured measurement, comparison and creation of innovation in cities. Comprised of:
    • 3 Factors: Summary reporting headline innovation(as seen in the Index)
    • 31 Segments: Planning, measuring or comparing innovation by industry or community/segment
    • 162 Indicators: Breakdown of location performance into Indicators (known in business as KPIs)
      First published in full in 2009, updated here.
    • Index Method — Explanation of the framework applied as the 2011 Innovation Cities Index Methodology
    • 2011 City Scores — Table of 3 Factor Scores for 331 cities based on our framework [ICF]
    • Additional materials.

Some Basic Facts:

Free Shipping. 118 A4 large format pages. Lie-flat wire binding. Print & PDF editions available.

Also Available:

Detailed City Benchmarking Data: by Indicator and Segment, or Innovation Cities: City Service Packages (including updates to this report).

What You Can Expect:

In this report, our readers can expect leading-edge 2thinknow insights on the innovation economy, and a better understanding of the world as a networked innovation economy of cities.

How to order the Analysis

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