Global Innovation Review 2007 Annual: October edition

The report that started the case for a global shift to an innovation culture.

In 2009, the Global Innovation Review 2007 Annual was renamed the Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report. The 2007 edition is available in reprint, with a new cover. Details for the report are below.

“We approach a real turn in the road with a cliff ahead, a windy road and a lead foot. … an interwined web of complexity that can easily fail, because a significant failure in the chain will potentially cause the whole chain to fail… We must not believe the fallacy of induction that because a day goes on the same as the day before, all future days are the same… The risks of… the global web of interconnections are not perceived by many, yet the size of the game makes the risk more real.”
— Warning to readers in 2007, in the Global Innovation Review 2007 Annual. October 2007 edition.

Global Innovation Review 2007 Annual - Innovation Cities & Change TrendsGlobal Innovation Review 2007 Annual – Innovation Cities & Change Trends

Innovation Where We live.

This book was primarily a summary of Innovation expressed in terms of Cities we live in. Presciently, Christopher Hire outlined the challenges facing the world – environmental, economic, consumer. And for answers drew together the relevant thinking from the emerging innovation industry; but with new frameworks.

It is also the first Print publication of the Hire Innovation Loop model, which explains the innovation process in any entity. This was broken down into detail to explain how artistic & cultural cities would benefit in the mid- to long-term.

Cities Analysed in the Review:

Top 8: Vienna, Boston, Paris, New York, Leipzig, Prague, Rome, Melbourne

Cities to Watch: San Francisco & Silicon Valley, Berlin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Washington DC, Perth, Sydney, Frankfurt, Strasbourg, Verona – other cities mentioned elsewhere in review.

The Book, 80 pages, A4, Paperback was tied to the Innovation Cities Rankings 2007.The book was distributed through online booksellers like Amazon; and our earlier websites.