Report Contents

The Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report contains these key sections to help you profit from innovation:

Director Welcome & Guidance

Explanatory notes and context to report to summarise ideas

Christopher Hire, Director Data at 2thinknow and world-class analyst with many years analysis experience as expert and Director introduces the concepts and the context of this years report, as well as a personal voice to understand how disruption will create threats -- and how to make them into opportunities for you.

Innovation Regional Actions (Recommendations)

Recommendations to create and exploit innovation based on your region. Only by 2thinknow.

Get new original ideas, with analyst innovation opportunities for regions and countries based on 2thinknow annual review.

For innovators in USA, Canada, Latin America.

For innovators in Europe, UK, Turkey and Russia.

For innovators in Asia-Pacific, Japan, China, India, Australia & NZ.

For innovators in Africa, Mid-East and Eurasia.

Current City Challenges

Need to understand the challenges facing cities and markets worldwide? 2thinknow simple model that can be explained to anyone as a summary of the challenges facing cities worldwide.

Purchasers can request a free mini slide deck.

30 Global Trends

For long -term planning of innovation disruption. Only 2thinknow focus on key global trends with the highest rate of accuracy (lowest false positives) in the industry. This means you can learn the true trends driving global change, not whats' hip' or 'cool' for the next 5 years. Informs the Innovation Cities™ Index rankings.

The Global Story

Quick summary so you can understand what’s happening now, and rapidly learn the innovation opportunities not being addressed due to global trends. Unmet demand is 'diamonds in the dirt'. 2thinknow identify unmet demand.

Summary 4 large format pages

4 Region Analysis

Understand the forces driving national change

Ever wanted to read one document to put each region into context in a SINGLE consistent document? Americas, Asia, Europe and Emerging with all major nations covered in depth and enlightening insights from 2thinknow analysts and Director Data. Analysis you get nowhere else, and a consistent story, that's been consistently right.

Then, the Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report 4 Region Analysis is for you.

Around 40-42 pages in depth.

Innovation Cities™ Framework

Detailed explanation of the current 2thinknow 162 Indicator Framework to compare cities for innovation.

Innovation Cities™ Index Methodology

Review and better understand how 2thinknow rank your city and all cities, with the Innovation Cities™ Index methodology summary.

Detailed summary combined with Framework section (approx 90 pages in total)

Innovation Cities™ Index 3 Factor Scores

Start comparing cities for innovation. With 500 cities classifications and their 3 Factor scores.

Excel Format for 3 Factors is available to purchasers via email at no extra charge.

180+ Pages

180+ Large Format lie-flat A4 Pages

Structured Sections

Structured into easy to follow sections.

PDF Option

PDF Format Version included with Standard Edition.

Report is currently issued in a heavily revised new release annually.