Key Uses

City Government

Plan better cities

Join cities like Bilbao, Toronto, Boston, Auckland, Montreal and many more in focusing on innovation mid-term, not just short-term.


Analyze, strategize, plan

Understand trends, data and start thinking about a framework to compare locations.


Accurate trends & insight

Understand trend shaping current investments and foresee likely changes that may impact future investment.


Unique trend & regional analysis

Better plan the future of cities, by studying trends and regions. Then learn a framework for measuring cities.


Turn disruption into industries

Join professional associations who are better understanding and measuring trade opportunities at the city-level.

Urban Professionals

Plane to change cities

Join architects, urban planners and other professionals advancing careers, in learning latest secrets to analyse and create innovation in cities.

Finance & Research: Measure cities.

Join research institutions from Spain to the USA, Portugal and China examining 2thinknow’s new city metrics.

Academia & libraries: Research cities.

Join libraries and universities from Australia, USA, Canada & across E.U. states learning the latest new foundations of cities research — from 2thinknow.

Cultural Institutions: Promote Arts.

Be introduced to new ways to measure, compare and promote  ‘Cultural Assets’ in your funding, tourism and ticket sales.

Individuals: Find new jobs.

Find new job opportunities either by relocation or in new trends and industries.