Announcing 2014 edition of Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report

Essential Companion to Index 2014.

Timed to coincide with the 8th year of the annual Innovation Cities™ Index 2014 — will be released soon. The Index classifies all the cities in the world for innovation, using 3 factor scores to classify cities into 5 bands from Nexus and Hub to Node, Influencer and Upstart.

The Index is free here. And, to understand the world events that are shaping innovation, and the basis of the Index it is important to purchase the report. Previous editions have correctly predicted the events leading to the GFC, strength of Germany during the GST, weakness of key economies, and most recently the disintegration of attempts to integrate Ukraine into Europe.

For those seeking to understand city innovation.

The report summarizes the indicators, segments, framework, and trends/worldview. These are the basis, ideas and assumptions behind the Index and the Innovation Cities™ Program. See all section contents here.

The Innovation Cities™ Framework and Program is revolutionary, as it is based on the world’s most detailed data-set of cities (162 indicators, 451 under analysis cities in 2014).

This latest release of the report is slated to be larger 150 large format pages.

WHO orders it?

Copies are ordered by cities, multinational corporations, corporate/university libraries, R&D departments, investors, banks, professors and governments. Anyone interested in understanding the impact of city innovation can order this report.

History of Innovation.

The first report was published in 2007 and has been updated annually / bi-annually since 2009 with each significant change in economic events.

DID YOU KNOW: The Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report has accurately predicted most of the macro trends of the last 7 years. In 2007, the report predicted the general background leading to the GFC, and called for an innovation economy. Later reports predicted that Germany would outpace Europe, the U.K.’s temporary decline and that the U.S. would backslide. The most recent report predicted specifically the collapse of the failure of Ukraine to join the European Union.

NEW! This new edition will predict the current economic conditions for global innovation and the outcome of probable disruptions in the near term. Can you afford to miss out?

The report examines innovation as ways real people are impacted in their economic and social lives. Unlike other narrators we are consistently right, and tell the global narrative as a single readable story by region and country. Shouldn’t you be ahead of other leaders?

What will be different?

Content changes inside the report you will see are:

  • Updated Eurozone analysis
  • Updated China analysis
  • Updated Russia and Eurasia zone analysis
  • Updated Mid-East analysis
  • Updated Asia analysis
  • 2013 Changes to indicator design
  • Increased Economic Guidance

Also, we provide Executive Edition, with all analysis from the report in PowerPoint slides (or Apple Keynote) format. This will enable you to present the ideas in the report to your colleagues, and build support for innovation in your organization. the Executive Edition includes a summary of all analysis and predictions.

Pre-order, save & get both.

The 2014 report is to be released shortly after the Innovation Cities Index 2014.

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The new report is scheduled to ship within 14 days of release.

EARLY SHIP: Service package clients will receive a PDF copy several days prior to other subscribers.

Supporting Data & Analyst Services.

Why is a report different to data?

The ICA report is an analysis tool in written story form. This report contains the Framework, and worldview used for analysis. If you want to read and understand the framework, the report is for you.

Overview 3 factor summary data to classify the cities is also included in the report. This is the data that provides the band scores to classify cities.

Same as 2013, we will be including a slide summary of the report (in power point) in the executive edition.

Is detailed city data is in the report?

The report does not contain 162 indicator City Benchmarking Data, it can be ordered seperately here.

What is City Benchmarking Data?

City Benchmarking Data is a set of standard indicators designed to measure cities across all countries and cultures, and differences in data and local conditions. City benchmarking data allows you to compare cities and benchmark your city innovation.

How do we sell City Benchmarking Data?

We sell it in 2 main ways.

  • Single City Data-set: Complete 162 indicators of data for your city. This is a flat price for a complete data set in Excel, charts and PowerPoint.
  • Comparative City Data-sets: Choose your indicators, and your locations. Priced by indicator and by location.

Want to find out where to locate your business or project. Our analysts will also answer your city research question; by putting together a list of locations and indicators.

Please visit City Benchmarking Data or contact us for these options.

How do I get data and analyst support for my city?

If you monitor a single city, and want analyst support or detailed City Benchmarking Data for your city, then see our City Service Packages. City service packages all include this report, and guidance for cities.

If you would like a City Collaboration, please contact us.