Accurate Trend Predictions 2007-2013

92% Accurate Predictions since 2007.

No-one has that record. Not Futurists. Not the U.N. (for sure) and not old economy thinkers. Not any PhDs.

Only 2thinknow have achieved it using our special beta Trend Analysis Models.

Based on Predictions in the Trends Section of the Report.


Accurate 70 76.09%
Partially Accurate 15 16.30%
InAccurate 6 6.52%
Hasn’t Happened 1 1.09%
Total 92 100.00%

No Negatives

Most Importantly is the 3rd Number. Only 6.5% Inaccurate, as it is easy to be right sometimes, but it's hard to do that without being wrong (false positives).


'Trends' You Won't See

Nothing about Google Glass (we called it a Fad). And same self-driving cars (for now). What we avoid is as important as include.

Trends You Will See

Mostly accurate predictions of major forces that will happen. Stuff that matters to your business, industry, city. Not prevaricating or hedging bets or straight line predictions.

2thinknow only predict tectonic shifts.

We do not care about cool. 2thinknow care about being right, so you can plan your innovative ideas. Accurately.

How We Do This

Trend Models in beta since 2007, and which we only share outputs.

2thinknow Track Record

All Trends predicted 2007-2013 - in the Trends Section.

Headline Prediction Year First Predicted Status To Date
Web 2.0 2007 Accurate Creation of Web Content as the dominant form of social life
Citizen Media 2007 Accurate Dissemination of social media as dominant form of social life
Communities of Interests 2007 Accurate Through Social Media
Environmental Quality 2007 Accurate Climate Change initiatives dominated debate for 10 years
China 2007 Accurate Second most important global force now, and rise less peaceful
Quality of life 2007 Accurate Primary focus of Millenials and Gen Y
Regional & Artisan 2007 Accurate Artisan goods have become the status symbol over brands
Price Wars 2007 Accurate  Constant
Global Peak Oil 2007 InAccurate Oil is still Cheap. This we got wrong (we corrected quickly)
Creative Economy 2007 Accurate Artistic Products. Etsy, Patreon, Pinterest
Corporations 2007 Accurate Corporations continue to dominate life and consolidate (less listed)
China 2007 Accurate Rise of China in every institution. South China Sea
GMO Food 2007 Accurate GMO is still an issue -- and will become a health issue
Media Bias 2007 Accurate Fake News!!! Yes we predicted this
NewsCorp 2007 Accurate Dominant news platform
Sex 2007 Accurate Everywhere! Watch a 2007 sitcom. Compare Netflix
Uber Rich 2007 Accurate Bifurcation into super-wealthy (Instagram Millionaires)
Russia 2007 Accurate !!!
Female CEOs 2007 Accurate Rising power
White Collar Crime 2007 Accurate Before the scandals we predicted them
US Hegemony 2007 Accurate Dominant force in military worldwide
Online Careers 2007 Accurate Careers are now entirely online since 2010
World Music 2007 Accurate World Music
Clean Energy 2007 Accurate Dominant consideration of energy supply in the period
Germany 2007 Accurate Relative strength until 2014
Drugs 2007 Accurate Designer drugs
Dubai 2007 Accurate Rise as a world capital
Nano-Tech 2007 Partially Accurate Slow progress
Nuclear Fission 2007 Partially Accurate Bit delayed
Recession 2007 Accurate Written in Oct 2007 along with other comments about GFC
Fascism 2007 Accurate See Elections. And we were first. No hugging. Fascism.
Robots 2007 Partially Accurate Still happening, mainly industrial
Genetics 2007 Accurate Accurate
African Nationalism 2007 Accurate Zimbabwe, South Afirca and Africa
Australia 2007 Partially Accurate Rising importance
Blogs 2007 Accurate Took over the world
Canada 2007 Partially Accurate Meh
Christianity 2007 Partially Accurate Rise in China, Asia, Emerging
China Investment 2007 Accurate Australia - everything and everywhere. Belt and Road
Downshifting 2007 Partially Accurate People dropping out of work
East Europe 2007 InAccurate Less important - dampened
ebay & Skype 2007 InAccurate Sort of not that big a deal
Environment 2007 Accurate If column inches are anything to go by
French Culture 2007 Accurate Francophile moment - Sarkozy
Green 2007 Accurate Everything was green for awhile
India 2007 Accurate India remains more powerful
Mental Illness 2007 Accurate Still an issue. Massive. Depression
Multi-Lingual 2007 Partially Accurate Still in progress. Real-time translation
Figurative Art 2007 Accurate Return of the figurative form in art (less abstract)
Pandemics 2007 Accurate H1N1, Swine/Chicken Flu, etc
Variety 2007 Accurate Reality Tv singing and dancing shows
White Collar nomads 2007 Accurate The spread of Tim Ferriss & Lifestyle design
World Music 2007 Accurate Music is now all global winners and losers
World Culture 2007 Accurate Netflix Originals. Enough said.
China & India 2009 Accurate Conflicts, Border
City-led Economic Recovery 2009 Accurate Dallas, Barcelona, Dublin
Complex (Growing) Bureaucracy 2009 Accurate Complex govt bureaucracies and shrinking corporate bureaucracy
Digital Mobility 2009 Accurate Citizens can work from anywhere using smart devices
Euro-Connectivity 2009 Partially Accurate China has done this, US tried, no cigar
Food & Water Degradation 2009 Accurate Clean water sources are decreasing so badly. Food also.
Home & Family 2009 Partially Accurate Staying inside. Going out less.
Human Playgrounds 2009 Accurate Digital mobility improving lives of people
University Degrees 2009 Accurate University degrees for lower level jobs
Virus Virulence 2009 Partially Accurate Spread of global resistant viruses
We are all Free Agents 2009 Accurate Uber, Airtasker, Gig Economy as substitute for employment
Weather Events 2009 Accurate Hurricanes, Earthquakes everywhere
Backsliding 10-2009 Accurate Los Angeles and the failure of US infrastructure
Protectionism 10-2009 Accurate Conditions like "Locally manufactured"
Sustainable Design 10-2009 Accurate Increase in designers, focus on sustainability
Territorial Refugees 10-2009 Accurate Europe Refugees
Conventional Militarisation 2011 InAccurate Nukes surprisingly back on table
Global Conversations 2011 Accurate Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat conversations daily global now
Home Grown 2011 Accurate Focus on Fresh Organic food
Local Manufacturing 2011 Hasn’t Happened Still relying on China, nascent trend, ongoing. This Year
Mercantilism, Protectionism, Currencies & Markets 2011 Accurate Election of Trump, Chinese Behavior
New Design Thinking 2011 Accurate Green Business, Renewable energy trends (Solar Panels)
Open Data 2011 Accurate Wikipedia, Data Portals
Re- Invention 2011 Partially Accurate Underway in cities like Athens, Barcelona
Rise of the City-State 2011 Accurate Focus on Cities and cities movement.
Tri-Polarism 2011 Partially Accurate More multi-polar (Changed year to year)
Asia Tensions 2013 Accurate India-China, Korean Peninsula, Pakistan-India
Centralist Bureaucracy 2013 Accurate NSA, Deep State, Snowden, EU Centralism
Currency Wars 2013 Accurate Pound-AUD-USD Fluctuations
Goods, not services 2013 InAccurate Service industry still possess large share, may change
Hyper Wellness 2013 Accurate Fitness craze phenomenon, Fitness courses, Diets, Instagram
Innovation Design 2013 InAccurate 3d Manufacturing not popular yet
Isolationism, Protectionism and more sinister "isms" 2013 Accurate Isolation of USA, Southern Europe, Fascism.
Multi-Polarism 2013 Accurate Russia-Brexit-China-Japan-Korea
Political Extremes 2013 Accurate Extreme Right Wing and Left Wing positions (AntiFa anyone)
Rail-Connectivity 2013 Accurate Focus on Rail in China
Start-ups 2013 Accurate Growth in startups as dominant economic strategy
University over-supply 2013 Accurate Over-supply of graduates

Those interested in how cities innovate may like to know these Trends are the basis for assumptions in the Innovation Cities™ Index rankings.

Not Just Trends

Elsewhere in the report you will see 2thinknow accurately predicted:

  1. GFC as a near Depression
  2. Relative strength of Germany during GFC
  3. Recovery of Japan
  4. Korean Conflict (ahead of others)
  5. Brexit
  6. Ukraine Situation
  7. Korean Peninsula

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