The Innovation Cities™ Framework

The Innovation Cities™ Framework

Measure, compare and prepare globally for innovation.

The Innovation Cities Framework breaks down the world into 1,500+ cities and 31 market segments. The framework drills down into 162 city indicators. The Framework is a structured way to measure, compare and prepare for innovation.

The report Framework section starts you towards measuring, comparing and preparing for innovation at your location and in your segments.

The Framework, introduced in your Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report, enables:

  • Your business to compare and measure markets at a detailed city level for new products, processes and services
  • Your city government to prepare to design and deliver new economic and social services
  • Your government and NGOs to measure where innovation is disabled by poor policy
  • You to make choices about where to live, work and play based on metrics and evidence.

Our analysts introduce and explain the Framework in your report.

Basis for Innovation

The Framework is based on our modeling of successful city locations around the world since 2005, for innovation. Your report introduces models and structures you can see to plan and understand that success. Your report includes each segment and  indicator described with city examples. Think of your report with framework section, as your structural model -- a  'Built to Last' for measuring, comparing and preparing for innovation in your local city or selection of cities.

The Framework is practical and helps you measure and plan your economic and business activities in your local area, or in your key city markets.

Framework Structure

The Innovation Cities™ Framework is designed by 2thinknow to model cities in a networked world. The report explains all elements of the framework:

Innovation Models

2thinknow 's leading innovation models for the cities.

3 Factors

Summary of cities performance into 3 factors:

Cultural Assets, Human Infrastructure and Networked Markets.

Data for all cities in the world 2009-2011 is included in the report at this level.

31 Segments

Segments provide your the means to compare and prepare for innovation. Each factor is based on industry and community segments such as Mobility, Economics, Technology and Communications, Art and more. Across all factors there are 31 segments (brief here) designed  by 2thinknow.

162 Indicators

Indicators are how you can measure and compare cities. Indicators measure each city in detail, like Key Performance Indicators. There are 162 standard city indicators with explanations and examples described in the report. That will get you started thinking innovation!

This Framework of Factors, Segments, Indicators helps you measure, compare and prepare for innovation.

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Innovation Support

Your report is an introduction to the Framework, to get you thinking. It explains the framework and all factors, segments, and standard indicators.

For the complex reality of your unique needs, 2thinknow analysts can explain how innovation works in the Innovation Course™ training services, using the Framework and other models.

To understand and develop your needs, innovation service packages are affordable with 2thinknow analyst support starting at less than $100/month -- see Service Packages (separate site)

For each indicator for each city, there is full City Benchmarking Data available to order (Separate site). 2thinknow are also creating new indicators for your needs, so please ask here.

And finally, for your key markets, segment reports are also available from $200 per segment per location. Ask.

Ask our analysts here to consult which innovation service achieves your career, business, city or government objectives for innovation.

About 2thinknow, the First Innovation Agency.

The Innovation Cities™ Framework models first appeared in this report in 2007, and the current framework appeared in the report editions since 2009. 2thinknow are the first innovation agency, and our analysts can give you a better understanding of how innovation works, as only 2thinknow have invested in a structured approach, with the certainty and predictability you, your business and your government needs. 2thinknow clients include cities, governments and businesses globally, since our leading innovation research in 2005. > company

Using this framework, you can start to measure, compare and prepare for innovation.

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