The only report helping you understand coming disruptions, then plan & respond by creating innovation.

Now updated and expanded since first established in 2007.

Only your copy of 2thinknow's annual Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report gives you the basis to measure, compare and prepare for innovation by city location, and by market segment.

Your report introduces our established method for innovation -- the only method based on modelling successful city locations and market segments.

Also in your report are the advice and analysis resulting from this method of analyzing cities (although you are free to draw your own conclusions)

Learn how: Innovation Cities™ Framework Section.

The Innovation Cities™ Framework is 50%+ of your report. The Framework is the established structured model, based on successful cities across the world in different sectors and types of innovation (we call them segments).

The Framework introduced in your report, gives you the certainty of a structured, established method to measure, compare and prepare for innovation, both by location and market. Enabling you to plan and communicate innovation in your local markets, or in key global city markets and segments.

About 2thinknow:

2thinknow are leaders in the field of innovation economies, having established the Innovation Cities™ term, this report and Index in 2007. We had started design and collection of city benchmarking data in 2005, and our analysts are experts in innovation.