2thinknow® outstanding contrarian insights on the future.

Based on our analysis of all the worlds' cities for wholesale innovation by industry segment, using our disruptive, ground-breaking, not business-as-usual models.

(Get ahead of the same-same usual suspects who are always wrong anyhow.)

In the Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report you will get:

Single Global Story of Disruption

Previously Accurate Global Trends

Complete Analysis by Region

Specific Regional Recommendations

Recommendations for Innovators Like You

City-based Analysis Methods

Structured Rational Logic

New Answers to Problems

Innovation Cities™ Framework Model

Realistic Approach for Planning

Consistent Story for Planning

As a report reader, you learn the framework to measure, compare and prepare for innovation in key cities and market segments, only from first innovation agency, 2thinknow. You will experience the new ideas and vital trends driving our networked world, explained by region and location.

Your report copy is your opportunity to measure, compare and prepare for innovation, now!

Available in print, e-Book, PDF, Executive Edition & Conference Pack.

All only available from 2thinknow®

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