Paying via PayPal

Pay with the convenience of PayPal for fast shipping.

For the Standard Edition only. Pay via PayPal, immediately, for the fastest shipping. Once your payment is received, the PDF edition will ship immediately, and the Print edition will follow via airmail.

For the Print edition. Print edition shall be dispatched via airmail next business day once payment is received via PayPal.

To pay via credit card just select the edition, and click the button below.


Or, Phone us.

If you’d prefer to pay via Amex, as well as Visa / Mastercard simply phone through your payment to +61 3 9018 5357

Please quote your invoice number.

Or FAX your credit card: Amex, MasterCard, Visa.

Mark your fax attention to: 2THINKNOW ORDERS & Fax to +61 3 9923 6337 with your

1) Credit card no, name, expiry, CVV & signature

2) And quote this receipt no.

Please email us

EFT / Bank Transfer

EFT payments are available only via PayPal. Bank Transfer is not available. Email us for a PayPal link.