The innovation cities report contains these key sections.

Global Review

Global Review

Understand what’s happening now, and improve your understanding of innovation opportunities. 2thinknow semi-annual analysis globally, by region and key nation.

Innovation Action

Innovation Actions

Get new original ideas, with analyst innovation opportunities for regions and countries based on 2thinknow annual review.

City Scores

City Scores

Start comparing cities for innovation. With 445 cities classifications and their 3 Factor scores from 2011.

Index Methods

Index Method

Research and better understand how 2thinknow rank cities, with the Innovation Cities™ Index method.


Extra Resources

Access to bonus online files in Excel, Images and Power Point, licensed only for report purchasers (password access)

Services Pakages

Service Packages

Only 2thinknow provide the certainty of ongoing service packages to support your innovation initiatives.


Best of all the report is A4 size, slips neatly into a binder — and/or is available in optional PDF eBook.

About 2Thinknow:

2thinknow are leaders in the field of innovation economies, having established the Innovation Cities™ term, this report and Index in 2007. We had started design and collection of city benchmarking data in 2005, and our analysts are experts in innovation.

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